Partner with Us

We are hopeful to partner with congregations that have unused or underutilized community or school facilities available for rent where we can make a difference to seniors.  In exchange, congregation members and their families would be given first consideration to participate in Tamarack programs. 

We joyfully hope you will consider allowing us to introduce a turnkey financial opportunity for your organization.  Most important is the opportunity to assist family members of seniors in keeping aging parents out of long term care facilities and at home with loving family and community.  At Tamarack Adult Day Services we provide weekday care and companionship for older adults in need of assistance and/or supervision.

Structural requirements: 

  • 50 square feet per guest
  • Telephone jack
  • Fire extinguishers every 1,500 square feet
  • Fire alarm system
  • Smoke detectors
  • Two exits
  • Illuminated exit signs and emergency lighting in common areas

Why choose Tamarack Adult Day Services?

  • Passionate about quality care
  • Previous ownership and operator of citation-free assisted living facility
  • Continuous development of dedicated and compassionate teams
  • Forward planning for growth in the industry and for our business partners
  • Solid understanding of healthcare sales and operations
  • Lifetime of service in senior care
  • Leadership roles at multiple senior communities

Please contact us to schedule an in-person consultation to learn how our vision at Tamarack Adult Day Services can enhance and enrich your current services to your congregation and surrounding community.

Thank you for considering Tamarack Adult Day Services.